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203 Applegrove NW North Canton, OH 44720
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D: 330-499-9922
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The North Canton Cutler Office has an atmosphere of positivity, productivity, cooperation, support, and empowerment.

We have the highest commitment to quality and service to each other, the company, and our customers and clients. The “can-do”, “go-the-extra-mile”, and “win-win” attitudes are evident from our support staff, our Agents and office managers, up to the President of the company.

We offer an opportunity for growth and change in our industry by embracing new trends and technology, thus incorporating and teaching new skills. This in turn is empowering our agents to be the best in the business! Our agents give 110%! Hard work and their commitment to excellence is shown in their top-quality service and goal achievements. 

The heart of the office is in our employees and agents, kindness and understanding prevail always and we keep things in perspective, have fun and laugh.

If you are looking to land in a place that is committed to you and your business, engaging, and high performing, then Cutler North Canton is the team for you.


Mary Lou George

REALTOR® 330-492-8660

Janet Simpson

REALTOR® 330-284-9439

Nancy Haidet

REALTOR® 330-354-9166

Thea Mottice

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-605-7762

Charley Thompson

REALTOR® 330-268-7939

Michael Johnston

REALTOR® 330-605-4993

Chad Milligan

REALTOR® 330-639-8834

Ramza Boutros

REALTOR® 330-499-9922

Steve Neisel

REALTOR® 330-323-4979

Alexis Karasarides

REALTOR® 330-268-0452

Rich Motts II

Regional VP Northeast Ohio | REALTOR® 330-491-4585

Sandy Guiley

REALTOR® 330-268-6884

Meredith Bailey

REALTOR® 330-495-7430

Jackie Nelson

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-316-1070

Denise Evans

REALTOR® 330-575-1832

Wendy Grable

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-488-4102

Deborah Pickens

REALTOR® 330-697-7284

Jim Pepper

REALTOR® 330-685-3545

Stephanie Marinos

REALTOR® 330-323-2271

Ryan Colangelo

REALTOR® 330-412-0736

Peggy S Skakun

REALTOR® 330-491-4952

Tom Riggle

REALTOR® 330-575-7840

Sally Goodnow

REALTOR® 330-605-9437

Gregory George

REALTOR® 330-704-1988

Clayton Krasuna

REALTOR® 330-590-0918

Antonio Valdez

REALTOR® 330-933-2485

Gordon LeBeau

REALTOR® 330-324-1864

Joanne Nicholas

REALTOR® Emeritus 330-418-9098

Linda Sigler

REALTOR® 330-705-5263

Judy Cipolla

REALTOR® 330-280-2963

Jim Babcock

REALTOR® 330-495-7202

Roman Smith

Dominic Fonte & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-314-2214

Peggy Johnston

REALTOR® 330-704-8009

Patricia DeDent

REALTOR® 330-323-3783

Nicole Burke

REALTOR® 330-472-5113

Emily Levitt

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-280-2407

Charlotte Bossart

REALTOR® 330-936-1088

Mike Boylan

REALTOR® 330-704-5945

John Scavelli

REALTOR® 330-499-9922

Susan Quilter

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-806-8586

Beth Miller

REALTOR® 330-268-3757

Madelyn Sweeney

REALTOR® 330-499-9922

Mary Locy

REALTOR® 330-323-2975

Jack Dalton

REALTOR® 330-209-2363

Nick Kantzos

REALTOR® 330-323-7105

Kelly Starr

REALTOR® 330-806-8345

Shari Probst

REALTOR® 330-354-3306

Jeff Worthington

The Worthington Team | REALTOR® 330-904-6037

Jennifer Zeiger

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-417-3259

Adam Nichols

REALTOR® 330-495-6441

Melanie Kidder

REALTOR® 330-612-8142

Janet Unkefer

REALTOR® 330-868-6219

Britt Greenfelder

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-697-6377

Irene Starr

REALTOR® 330-806-3717

Jeff Flickinger

REALTOR® 330-631-9591

Dawn Tyburk

REALTOR® 330-312-1041

Tammy Grogan

Tammy Grogan & Associates Team Lead | REALTOR® 330-491-4126

Mendee Burnside

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-361-0068

Michael Lucius

REALTOR® 330-323-2097

Julie Worstell

REALTOR® 330-412-1712

Angela Hill

REALTOR® 330-601-2964

Caitlin Tasker

REALTOR® 330-257-3804

Marilyn Gibbs

REALTOR® 330-491-4631

Sam Shaheen

REALTOR® 330-388-7385

Dominic Fonte

Dominic Fonte & Associates Team Lead | REALTOR® 330-418-1535

Todd Baker

REALTOR® 330-806-3329

Abbey Jagger

Tammy Grogan & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-354-8478

Megan Phillips

Dominic Fonte & Associates Buyer's Agent | REALTOR® 330-603-1256

Steve Watson

REALTOR® 330-904-9881

James (Fred) Fier

REALTOR® 330-437-9870

Montana Lynn

REALTOR® 330-327-6932

Pam Worthington

The Worthington Team | REALTOR® 330-936-2202

Nancy Platek

REALTOR® 330-323-6023

Hope Paolini

REALTOR 330-546-4869

Laura Biasella

Office Admin 330-491-4641

Donna Gooding

Closing Officer 330-491-4554

Emily Levitt

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-280-2407